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For 108 years, serious outdoorsmen have considered Filson the standard for comfort and severe-weather protection. Beginning in 1897, Clinton C. Filson designed his goods for the extreme conditions of the Klondike, based on the experience of the hundreds of gold rush "Stampeders" he outfitted.

Since then, Filson has continued to develop unique, all-natural fabrics for every outdoor condition. Whether you're active in drenching rain, brush and briars, or severe cold and snow, Filson makes a natural fabric that will stand up to the worst abuse, and keep functioning for many years - in some cases for generations.


"Don't change anything."

We won't. Our customers keep telling us, "Don't change anything." So we'd like you to know - we don't intend to change.

Take our Cruiser. We've used the same design, fabric, and quality construction since 1914. After all, the forces of nature haven't changed.


Plus new designs with the same quality and durability

At the same time, we listen to our customers. Just like C.C. Filson himself in 1897, we're always designing new products for virtually any activity that exposes you to the elements. Our Fly Fishing Vest is just one example of a new design with the same old tradition of superior materials and workmanship.

When it comes to providing outdoorsmen with the best there is - we're just getting started. The Filson name, then and now, is synonymous with reliability, satisfaction and honest values. We're fiercely proud of that heritage. And as long as we have any say in the matter, that's how it's going to stay.


A lot goes into each Filson to make it the absolute best. But maybe what most sets each Filson apart is our fabric. Take our Tin Cloth-about as rugged as you can get. Or our 100% Virgin Wool-extra thick, extra sturdy, and extra warm.

In 1914 founder C.C. Filson said "..our materials are the very best obtainable, for we know that the best is none too good and that quality is of vital importance." The same is true of every Filson today.


For 108 years...all-natural fabrics that stand up to generations of use

And today we offer more rugged, all-natural fabrics than ever. Like our Shelter Cloth, named after military shelter tents. Or our ultra light-weight Feather Cloth for heat and sun protection. Or our newest Cover Cloth, for the wettest conditions.

When it comes to quality and durability, perhaps long-time customer Ray Morris said it best:

"My dad, my grown sons, and I live on farmland that's been in our family for nearly a century. We're all avid outdoorsmen, and hunt and fish year round (my 80-year-old father got two deer last season.) We also raise our own beef. The only clothing we've found that can stand up to all that hard work, cold and rain is Filson. It just a wears forever. In fact, my son Avery just inherited my dad's old Double Mac Cruiser and it's as good as new.

A few years back we got 48 inches of snow in two days. When the weather finally cleared, my son and I fired up our 1948 John Deere tractor at 8 am and plowed snow until 10 that -10 degree weather. We walked into the house that night warm and dry because of our Filsons. Thank you for making a product that has held up to hard wear, lousy weather...and three generations of Morrisses."

Ray "Toad " Morris
Moravia, NY


We strive to deliver service that lives up to our motto "Might as Well Have the Best." But we don't think we can explain it any better than Meridith Maker did in her letter to us. Thank you Mrs. Maker.

"I just had to write and tell you what a terrific staff you have answering the phones at Filson. I ask for a stronger belt loop for the Double Ranger I bought my husband. Greg said "no problem" and sent the strongest keeper you've got. Then, we launched off into a discussion about the Tin Cloth Cruiser vs the Jacket... Through this lengthy talk...which covered gussets to sleeve lengths to collars, Greg was helpful, knowledgeable, friendly, immensely patient, and really fun, too. Altogether a delightful experience."

"This is not my first experience like this with Filson."

"I think your slogan, 'might as well have the best,' must have been written about your well-trained, personable staff, and your uncompromising customer service policy. Thanks again!"

Meredith Maker
Williamstown, MA

Our guarantee for over 100 years...

Our guarantee for over 100 years has never changed: "We guarantee every item purchased from us. No more, no less. Your satisfaction is the sole purpose of our transaction."
Clinton C. Filson, 1897.